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11 June: Twitter can be embedded on your site...
2 June: YouTube Channel Explorations begin
14 May: Dark Web vs. Clear Web, a side dish for internet explorers
21 April: Make your own GSuite Add-Ons
19 April: New info on Currents (beta); Memory Lane posts continue to expand
13 April: Check it out! Chat/Message button added at top center.
12 April: New to "Resources" is Facebook's G+ Meetup Digital Library

We are now incorporating selected posts from surviving Communities on GSuite G+, mostly Eli Fennell's & "People Left Behind on G+"Post comments are often as interesting as the original post, so be sure to click "READ MORE!"

Our final G+ Mass Migration Community update from Google+ occurred at 4:20PM Eastern Daylight Time on 2 April 2019. 

Blog comments are "moderated" (reviewed by the blog owner), so they may take awhile to post. Make suggestions via our comment form under the "…
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selected podcasts & videos on the departure of G+

First, the commentary you may not have heard via Listen Notes:
Google Plus in Podcasts: a look back

Meanwhile, there are some good YouTube videos, too. This clever piece is from SAMTIME:

 (From the video above: 😉)
Hi! I'm Sam Tucker from Google and it's with a heavy heart that today we're announcing that we will be shutting down Google Plus. Now I know this may come as a shock from a company with experience with other social networks like Orkut but it just felt that people weren't getting the value from our platform anymore. In fact our studies showed that ninety percent of visits were over in less than five seconds! To be honest it probably would have been a hundred percent except people didn't realize that they could skip before that.

We're not entirely sure why people didn't use the platform. I mean we forced them to as you remember. We made everyone who was on YouTube sign up for the service and the reason we did that is because we felt the Y…

FBI says: https and lock symbol...

Criminals impersonate. That is what they do. They pretend they are your bank, your stock broker, your trusted friend, your Mom😲. But they are not.
Sites displaying the above symbols in their addresses are safer than others with the old "HTTP" designation without the "s". As the FBI explains, however, these sites are not absolutely trustworthy and secure😞.
Criminals are using this symbolism to give you a false sense of security. Here's a copy of the FBI statement:

→Local FBI Field Office Locations
⇉File Complaint⇇  (put "HTTPS phishing" in the body)

With a tip of the hat for this announcement to DarkReading

Has your data been stolen? What to do?

Pwned? What's Next? The first step in fixing anything is knowing that it is broken. On the internet, a "break" in your security will not always be reported to you. Sometimes you have to take the initiative. Fortunately, you can employ a free detective to discover email data breaches.
Created by Troy Hunt in 2013, and since incorporated as an optional extension in Firefox and Chrome, is yours to use free of charge.
 According to Wikipedia,
Have I Been Pwned? (HIBP, with "Pwned" pronounced like "poned"[2]) is a website that allows internet users to check if their personal data has been compromised by data breaches. The service collects and analyzes hundreds of database dumps and pastes containing information about billions of leaked accounts, and allows users to search for their own information by entering their username or email address. Users can also sign up to be notified if their email address appears in future dumps...
The primar…

Google vs. Huawei

Sad that G+ has gone?Could be worse.From Facebook: Julian Bond shared a link.Founding Member, Google+ Meetup · May 19 at 11:49 PM Sad that G+ has gone? Could be worse. You could have a Huawei phone and be blocked from Google updates. Or even worse than that, be a kidnapped Huawei Princess. See More Google blocks Huawei access to Android updates after blacklisting

Dark Web, Clear Web

What's the Difference?
Clear Web
The "Clear Web" is the experience you are enjoying now. Searchable using common search engines, sites here are reliable and get millions of hits over time.
Privacy? Forget it. Your IP address is often tracked by advertisers and others eager to see your preferences and sell merchandise or opinion.
Optionally, "Private" versions of popular browsers limit this activity by deleting information between browser sessions, but while you are live online browser plugins such as Flash, RealPlayer, Quicktime and others can be manipulated into revealing your IP address.
Dark Web (aka "DarkNet")
Anonymity is the whole point of the Dark Web. Providing you do not install plugins or addons, the Tor browser that you will be using to navigate the Dark Web bounces your activity all over the web so that your original IP address is untraceable.

As of May 2019, older versions of Tor (5.5.5 etc.) are available for your 32 bit Windows machine, but th…

Google+ Exporter still has limited use as of beginning of May

Scott Scowcroft People Left Behind on G+ Apr 25, 2019 Something I wasn't expecting.
I am still able to download my Gplus Communities and Posts, and a few photos. No videos, however.
Janne Granström What this is? 2w
Scott Scowcroft Google+ Exporter was/is software that allowed you to download your Google Plus profile, posts, community posts and more. It was a substitute to Google's "Take Out."

Presumably, everything GPlus was going to disappear as of April 2nd, so that's why I was surprised Google+ Exporter is still working. 2w
Rupert+1 +Scott Scowcroft it wouldn’t work anymore on consumer G+ profiles, though I don’t see why it would stop working for gsuite profiles 2w Add a comment...

G+ Disappearances

For those keeping track... From Facebook's Google+ Meetup public group and member Julian BondFounding Member · April 26 at 11:36 AM Various bits of G+ are finally disappearing.

MyAccount. Personal Info, People and Sharing. Tagline and Bio has disappeared. Privacy controls have changed. Everything set to private until you enable it. It's still not clear to me how much of this is ever shown and where.

Very little of Takeout left.,plus_one,plus_communities,stream,profile
Is now almost completely empty.

G+Photos from posts still seems to be complete. 7Al Mac, Christian Nalletamby and 5 others 2 CommentsSeen by 89 Like CommentShare Comments Christian Nalletamby